Carriage Roads

* To keep up to date with carriage road openings / closures go to Acadia National Park alerts webpage.

Route Length Parking Signpost Sequence
Upper Hadlock Pond 4.0 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-19-18-P
Amphitheater from Brown Mtn Gate House 5.2 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-19-20-21-22- 20-19-18-P
Amphitheater from Jordan Pond Gate House 5.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-14-21-22-20-21-14-15-P
Day Mountain 5.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-16-17-37-36-38-37-17-16-15-P
Witch Hole Pond 5.5 miles Eagle Lake P-6-4-2-3-5-4-6-P
Eagle Lake 5.9 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-9-6-P
Day Mountain – Jordan Stream 6.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-16-17-37-36-38-37-17-16-25-23- 15-P
Aunt Betty Pond via West Shore Eagle Lake 6.3 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-8-10-11-9-6-P
Paradise Hill – Witch Hole Pond 6.4 miles Eagle Lake P-6-4-2-1-3-5-4-6-P
Eagle Lake East Shore – Aunt Betty Pond 8.2 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-10-11-9-6-P
Bubble Pond – Triad – Jordan Pond 8.4 miles Bubble Pond P-17-16-15-14-10-8-7-P
Gilmore Meadow 8.4 miles Parkman Mtn P-13-12-10-11-P
Jordan Pond – Eagle Lake – Triad 10.7 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-14-10-8-9-7-17-16-15-P
Sargent Mountain 10.7 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-10-14-21-20-19-18-P
Jordan Pond – Bubble Pond – Triad – Day Mountain 11.0 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-14-10-8-7-17-37-36-38-37-17-16- 15-P
Sargent Mountain via Gilmore Meadow 11.3 miles Parkman Mtn Lot P-11-10-14-21-20-19-18-13-P
Eagle Lake – Witch Hole Pond 11.4 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-9-6-4-2-3-5-4-6-P
Sargent North Face – West Shore Eagle Lake – Aunt Betty Pond 12.1 miles Parkman Mtn P-13-12-10-8-9-11-P
Sargent Mountain – Bubble Pond – Triad 15.1 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-10-8-7-17-16-15-14-21- 20-19-18-P
Grand Perimeter 27.1 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-11-9-6-4-2-1-3-5-4-6-9-7-17- 37-36-38-37-17-16-25-23-15-14-21- 22-20-19-18-P