Bike Style Rate per day
1, 2 3, 4, 5 6+
Hybrid Bikes $25 $22 $20
Comfort Bikes $25 $22 $20
Mountain Bikes 26" + 29" $25 $22 $20
Cyclocross and Road Bikes $35 $32 $30
Kids Bikes $19 $15 $14
Tag-a-longs $16 $13 $12
Child Trailers (single or double) $17 $15 $14
Child Seats (on rentals only) $8 $7 $6
Car Rack – Hitch $16 $12 Special Rates Apply – Inquire
Car Rack – Rear $14 $10
  • Helmets provided at no extra charge
  • SPD MTN / Road / Crank Bros pedals available at no extra charge
  • Repair kits and rack packs provided at no extra charge (1 per party)

Comfort Bikes

Higher handlebars create more upright riding position

Suspension front forks for smoother riding

Step-thru frames allow mounting without lifting leg over seat

Intermediate tires create smoother ride on pavement

Includes helmets and locks

Mountain Bikes 26″ and 29″

Flatter handlebars create forward riding position

Smaller sizes have sloping top tubes making mounting easier

Front Suspension (not on 29er)

Knobby tires better in mud, but vibrate on pavement

Includes helmets and locks

Hybrid Bikes

Faster riding on carriage roads and pavement

Rigid front forks for better handling on smooth surfaces

Includes helmets and locks

Cyclocross and Road Bikes

Road type riding position

Faster riding on carriage roads (cyclocross) and pavement (road)

Includes helmets and locks

Kids Bikes

Includes helmets


Maximum weight: 80 lbs

Includes helmets

$5 fee to mount receiver on your bicycle seat post

Child Trailers (Single and Double)

Hitch Racks

Mount to Trailer Hitches

1-5 bicycles ( receiver hitch required for 5 bikes)

Car Racks

Mount to trunk lid or top of rear opening and bumper

Sedans, Station Wagons, Minivans, SUVs

To see if it will fit your car, check out here.

We use model #’s: 102db for 2 bikes, 104db for 4 bikes.

1-4 bicycles (Number of bikes depends on auto)

Baby Seats (includes helmets)

Mount to rack on back of Bicycle

Maximum weight 40 lbs, Minimum height