We sell and rent E-Bikes from Gazelle and Bianchi. 

E-bikes are a great way to explore all of Mount Desert Island, from the “Quietside” to the Carriage Roads. We rent and sell Gazelle and Bianchi e-bikes.  These are top-of-the-line machines from esteemed European makers, with excellent craftsmanship and predictable handling.  The Gazelle e-bikes feature the exceptionally responsive Bosch drivetrain- motors, batteries, sensors, control electronics, and displays all integrated for a natural riding feel.

Please be aware that we are the only licensed Gazelle e-bike dealer in all of Hancock county.  Beware of local shops renting or selling Gazelle e-bikes without the manufacturer’s authorization and approval.

Today’s e-bike market is a shark tank, and you are the bait.  We advise everyone interested in making the investment in an e-bike to beware of all off-brand e-bikes, plus of any e-bike with an inefficient motor, undersized batteries, and hard-to-obtain parts.

We can help you plan your ride and the best part is –  you can start some fun rides right from the shop!  These include the Western Mountain fire roads and the Seawall to Bass Harbor ride.

For riding the Acadia National Park carriage roads (11 miles and 20 minutes away by car), you will need a pickup truck or car with a receiver hitch to transport the e-bikes. Because we’re busy and have a small staff we are not able to provide delivery and pickup service.

Please note – you must be 18 or older to rent an e-bike, and E-bike weight capacity is for a rider up to and not exceeding 250 lbs..

Also note- Southwest Cycle rents only Class 1 e-bikes (20mph max./no throttle), the only Class allowed on Acadia National Park’s carriage roads. (Class 2 & 3 e-bikes – with throttles and higher speeds- are not allowed on the carriage roads.)


Serving the Mount Desert Island community and visitors to Acadia National Park since 1981