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Hourly Rate

$85.00 / hour

Certified Mechanics

Our mechanics are experienced and several have graduated from courses at the Barnett Cycling Institute, United Bicycling Institute and the Park Tool School. One person works on your bike start to finish to reduce errors.

Tune Ups

We offer standard tune-ups for all brands throughout the year. A standard tune-up consists of checking all adjustments (e.g. truing wheels, checking bearing preloads, adjusting brakes and cable tensions, etc), lubing all cables, pivots, and chain, and light cleaning. This usually involves 45 minutes to 1 hour of work. We can adjust the level of service up or down (i.e., repack bearings) upon request.


We also do specific repairs on all brands, not just what we sell. We have repaired everything from a WWII Victory bike to recumbent electric trikes. We can usually get parts within 48 hours. We are always glad to provide an estimate before starting any work.

More Than Bikes

We stock parts, tires, and tubes for baby joggers, strollers, garden carts and wheelchairs.

Free Air

TIRE AIR TOP-OFFS ARE ALWAYS FREE. And we will show you how to work those skinny Presta valve tubes.

Serving the Mount Desert Island community and visitors to Acadia National Park since 1981