Come on in and spin the 2024 “Wheel of Blame”!

From Bob–  We’re a great local bike shop, and we could be more organized in getting reviews.  Forty-plus years in business means we’re doing some things right, and our “followers” are real people who come in to do business with us. But here is a sampling of Reviews from our customers. We appreciate everyone- first-time renters, long-time returnees, seasonal and year-round local residents. Thank you.

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Recently, Lucy Burnett, a cross-continent cyclist (and published poet) from Scotland stopped by our shop. The following is an extra from her blog, Lucy’s World Bike Adventure.

“I’ve moaned quite a lot lately about being the unluckiest person around. And as of late, I’ve truly not really had a great deal of luck in life. But maybe this has turned – the little things right enough, but those that matter to me right now. For the third time this trip, the rains waited until my tent was pitched before letting rip. This evening, the thunder storms plopped two big drops of rain on my arms as I erected my shelter, then waited. Erupted. I can sit up in my tent. I can lie down. I can read. I can sleep. I decided against cooking that night, threw some raw food down my throat, and chose sleeping. And by the time I awoke the next morning, the sun was drifting down through the elongated pine trees with their spindly heads. Today was to be play day. My first day all trip of adventuring without luggage, and the first time I planned to run. I’ve missed mountain running. Off I headed, back up the ‘quiet side’ peninsula, stopping into Southwest Cycle in Southwest Harbor to see if they sold a mobile phone handlebar mount to make it easier to navigate in transit.

‘How can I help?’ asked a guy, whose name I learnt was Bob. I explained what I was looking for, and him and the bike shop owner (also Bob) led me to a stand with two options. Bike shop owner Bob recommended the cheaper one, which is always a good sign for a bike shop. We got chatting, me and Bob and Bob. Bob 1 said he wanted to see my round-the-world bike. Bob 2 agreed. They both had British bikes. Every cyclist who is a cyclist in the USA has a British bike, didn’t I know? Bob 2 had a 1983 Roberts frame. A third guy, obviously a regular, whose name I didn’t catch but who I named Probably-Bob, followed us as we traipsed outside to see Spike.

‘She isn’t too flash to look at,’ I said. Suddenly a little bit embarrassed. ‘But she rides like a dream.’ As I said it, I knew that Spike-the-bike would get her revenge on me soon. How dare I? Wasn’t she the best looker this side of – well, anything to be frank?

‘The best touring bikes don’t look flashy,’ agreed Bob and Bob and Prob’ly Bob. They were right. Spike wasn’t convinced, she being a stunner and all.

‘This is the best bike shop in Acadia,’ said Prob’y Bob. I didn’t doubt him.”