Carriage Roads

* To keep up to date with carriage road openings / closures go to the Acadia National Park alerts webpage.

Download the Carriage Road map PDF.

The Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park provide 45 miles of auto free cycling. Originally built for horse-drawn carriages, these paths have gentle grades with wide, crushed stone lanes, and are the ideal way to view the park.

Remember, cyclists yield to all users. Everyone yields to horses, which can be startled by sudden movements.

Go to the Acadia National Park website to learn more about our unique Carriage Roads.

The following chart provides information on different Carriage Road loops and rides to assist with your planning. The signpost numbers listed may be found on most detailed maps of the Carriage Roads.


Route Length Parking Signpost Sequence
Upper Hadlock Pond 4.0 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-19-18-P
Amphitheater from Brown Mtn Gate House 5.2 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-19-20-21-22- 20-19-18-P
Amphitheater from Jordan Pond Gate House 5.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-14-21-22-20-21-14-15-P
Day Mountain 5.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-16-17-37-36-38-37-17-16-15-P
Witch Hole Pond 5.5 miles Eagle Lake P-6-4-2-3-5-4-6-P
Eagle Lake 5.9 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-9-6-P
Day Mountain – Jordan Stream 6.2 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-15-16-17-37-36-38-37-17-16-25-23- 15-P
Aunt Betty Pond via West Shore Eagle Lake 6.3 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-8-10-11-9-6-P
Paradise Hill – Witch Hole Pond 6.4 miles Eagle Lake P-6-4-2-1-3-5-4-6-P
Eagle Lake East Shore – Aunt Betty Pond 8.2 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-10-11-9-6-P
Bubble Pond – Triad – Jordan Pond 8.4 miles Bubble Pond P-17-16-15-14-10-8-7-P
Gilmore Meadow 8.4 miles Parkman Mtn P-13-12-10-11-P
Jordan Pond – Eagle Lake – Triad 10.7 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-14-10-8-9-7-17-16-15-P
Sargent Mountain 10.7 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-10-14-21-20-19-18-P
Jordan Pond – Bubble Pond – Triad – Day Mountain 11.0 miles Jordan Pond Gate P-14-10-8-7-17-37-36-38-37-17-16- 15-P
Sargent Mountain via Gilmore Meadow 11.3 miles Parkman Mtn Lot P-11-10-14-21-20-19-18-13-P
Eagle Lake – Witch Hole Pond 11.4 miles Eagle Lake P-6-9-7-8-9-6-4-2-3-5-4-6-P
Sargent North Face – West Shore Eagle Lake – Aunt Betty Pond 12.1 miles Parkman Mtn P-13-12-10-8-9-11-P
Sargent Mountain – Bubble Pond – Triad 15.1 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-12-10-8-7-17-16-15-14-21- 20-19-18-P
Grand Perimeter 27.1 miles Brown Mtn Gate P-18-13-11-9-6-4-2-1-3-5-4-6-9-7-17- 37-36-38-37-17-16-25-23-15-14-21- 22-20-19-18-P
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