Can I rent bikes for a half-day?

There are no half-day rentals. Any rental picked up by 3:30 PM is charged for a full day. We do not rent bikes after 3:30 PM.

How can I get my rented bike(s) to the carriage roads (or any where else)?

We rent trunk mounted car racks for up to 4 bikes and hitch mounted racks for up to 5 bikes. Rack capacity is dependent on vehicle size. 2 inch receiver required for 5 bike hitch rack.

E-bikes are heavier than non-powered bikes. Only cars equipped with a receiver hitch may carry e-bikes (maximum of 2). You must be able to lift the e-bike to chest level to get it on/off the car rack.

Will the trunk rack fit my car?

Find out here. We use model #’s: 102DB for 2 bikes, 103DB for 3 bikes and 104DB for 4 bikes.

Will the hitch rack fit my car?

1-1/4 inch receiver works for up to 4 bikes. 2 inch receiver required for 5 bikes. Please be aware that hitch racks do not fit all cars with externally mounted spare tires. Please call ahead if you are uncertain.

Which carriage roads should I ride?

Generally speaking, the Bar Harbor carriage roads are flatter (but more congested) and the Northeast Harbor carriage roads are hillier (and correspondingly less congested).

Please see the ANP Carriage Roads map and our Carriage Roads guide.

What kind of bikes are needed for the carriage roads?

Class 1 E-bikes, Gravel bikes, Hybrid, Comfort and Mountain bikes all may be safely ridden on the carriage roads. 700×30 minimum tire size.

I have kids and/or inexperienced riders in my group. Where should I ride?

Families with kids and neophytes should opt for the flatter (Eagle Lake, Witch Hole Pond routes) accessed from Bar Harbor. Heartier, more experienced riders might find the Northeast Harbor (Brown Mtn., Parkman Mtn. routes) more enticing.


These are located at the major trail entrances: Eagle Lake, Duck Brook Bridge, Parkman Mtn., Brown Mtn. gatehouse. Please note that there is no running water in these bathrooms.

Bathrooms with running water are located at: the Jordan Pond House, the Acadia National Park Visitors Center, the Sieur de Monts Nature Center/Wild Gardens of Acadia and the Fabbri Memorial.

I am returning after you close (5:30). Should I return the bikes in the morning?

No! When you rent a bike from us, we provide you with a lock that enables you to return your bikes until nightfall. Please return rentals* on the day they are due, locked to our rack behind the shop if we are closed. Thanks!

* E-bikes, Gravel bikes and Trailers must be returned during store hours/by closing.

Do you offer a group discount?

For parties of ten (10) or more, we offer a $4.00 discount per bike under the following conditions:

  •     Only one person may fill out the paperwork and pay in full.
  •     If 2 or more people fill out the paperwork, the discount is not available.

Please mention this discount in order for us to apply it. E-bikes and Gravel bikes are not discounted.

What happens if I get a flat on a rental bike?

Flat tires do happen, although rarely. Of the 1000 plus bikes we rent each year, we average fewer than 10 flats. The odds are you won’t get one. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for flat tires, and you are still expected to return all items rented to the shop on time.

Repair kits are available upon request (no charge – 1/party).

What is required to reserve a bike?

For each party renting we need:

  •     contact name
  •     contact information (cell phone, home address)
  •     desired pick up date
  •     desired return date
  •     credit card information

For each person renting we need:

  •     height
  •     any unique requirements

How do I change a reservation?

To change or cancel your reservation, you can email us and/or call and leave a message up until 48 hours before the rental date. If we do not hear from you by then, we assume you intend to honor your reservation, and we tag all of your reserved equipment with your party’s name.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for early returns.

What happens if I don’t show up and I don’t call you?

This is what we call a “no show”. The following happens: a 1-day charge is incurred for each piece of equipment you had reserved. The equipment you reserved is then no longer reserved for you and may be rented to another party.

Where can I ride on the western side of the island?

A great ride is from Southwest Harbor to Bass Harbor via Seawall. Caution is advised due to narrow, crumbling or soft shoulders. Always ride on the right and in single file.

There is a network of gravel fire roads in Acadia National park which make for excellent riding. See our guide to the Quietside & Islands.